Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Fabric Cuffs and a Small Stone...

Here are some things I've been working on lately...

Fabric cuffs...

The lace one I made a while back. It features a huge vintage earring...

The peace button one I made just before Christmas...

This one (my favorite of these) I made the last time I had to travel for work, a few weeks ago sitting in my hotel room.

Small Stone for 1/3/11...

The note was unfamiliar... the bird, Robin sized, perched in the China Berry tree. The morning clouds veiled the light just enough to hide the bird's colors...  A Robin?... It's January!

A River of Stones


  1. I love the "small stone" idea. I spent last evening reading many of them. Yours is great, you certainly know how to write.

  2. Your cuffs are lovely. Your small stone is quite enjoyable. Happy week to you...

  3. Cuffs are always so much fun, and the posibility to use scrap fabrics and forgotten buttons is always a great thing. I really like the lace that you used for the cuffs, they look great!


  4. your fav is also my fav as well as the black and white one above. Gorgeous !
    Sweet small stone...
    Hugs and thanks so much for the blog love yesterday - you really touched my heart.

  5. Cuffs are something that intrigue me...but I've not tried one yet...yours are lovely Dianne!

    Also Love your way with words!

  6. The cuffs really are cute! What pretty designs you have come up with! Enjoy your week! ♥

  7. I love cuffs and continue to look at my stash of fabrics wondering how can I make me one, would I wear it...?
    There is such a beauty in them, I bet when you were working at yours in the hotel room you felt like you were meditating, I often do when I am away from home and have a bit of time in a hotel, I bring a couple of dolls to work with.