Sunday, January 16, 2011

Small Stones and Playing Catch Up...

After being sick most of the week, on the road Thursday and Friday and at my dad's yesterday, I find myself trying to catch up today.

Thursday's small stone...

She almost had it... the little purse of wishes,
but it was not meant to be.

Friday's small stone haiku...

Envied profession...
surrounded by lovely things
at the antiques shoppe.

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I'll catch up for yesterday later.

Friday I was in Englewood all day for a meeting.  Englewood, FL is a lovely little village on Lemon Bay.  After work I browsed the art galleries and shops there.  Friday's Small Stone was inspired by a visit to one of the antique shops there and the conversation I had with the shop keeper. He was delightful and happily showed me any and all of the jewelry in the front cases that I wanted to see... We talked tea pots (there were some gorgeous ones there) and collections and vintage jewelry... What a wonderful way to make a living... buying, selling and talking lovely things! I am very envious...

I always try to visit the Art Alliance when I'm there and Friday was no exception.  I didn't remember my camera and my phone was dead, so I couldn't take photos of the amazing art there... but I did buy a small print of a wonderful mixed water media piece...

The print is mounted on black gessoed vellum, which is mounted on black gessoed foam core. It will be framed and put in my office at work. I love to surround myself with art at work. It makes it so much nicer to be there! The artist, Joanne Stramara, was there and we had a nice chat. I love the use of the nautical chart!  She said she teaches the technique used in this piece at the Alliance... If it were only closer!  Maybe one of these days when I have to be down there, the class will be conveniently scheduled...

I hope you're having a lovely weekend! Mine's a 3-dayer, so I still have one more day to play!


  1. Its nice you have a 3 day week-end to recoup. I like your watercolor print I'm sure it will be a bright spot in you office. Love your poetry as I always do.

  2. Enjoyed your stones. Love the piece you bought. Is it collage or just paint or both?

  3. Hope you're feeling better... and when were your feet in all that snow?

    Thanks, too, for your warm thoughts and words about my mom's illness.

  4. I'll make a note of this area...would love to visit it sometime! I love the print you bought! Enjoy your long weekend! ♥

  5. hello, am glad you stopped by my blog- your blog post is filled with so much enthusiasm and joy- very inspiring and happy.

  6. Lovely piece of art you treated yourself to and YES, doesn't it seem like some people really have their lives planned out nicely...doing what they Love...Loving what they are doing...:)

    Hope you are feeling much much better, does sound like you got out and about :)

    more wonderful small stones...I enjoy those SO much! Each and Every One Dianne!