Sunday, January 9, 2011

Small Stones....

For today...

Stitch by stitch, her hands remembered.

For yesterday... okay maybe it's not such a small one...

Picking up the pieces thrown.
Separating those that are my own,

shaping and hardening their form
to protect myself in case of storm.

Without the mastery of a guild
brick by brick myself I build.

I mortar my bricks back together
and stand against the coming weather.

Now I'm caught up!

A River of Stones

I've also joined the Heart Swap at  Mosaic Magpie!


  1. Love the poem and welcome to the swap!

  2. I love the "stitch by stitch" line - it's lovely. And I love the whole look and feel of your site. I'll be back to visit. My main site is over at:
    if you would care to come over some time.