Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Tea...

I'm having Tazo Rest tea tonight. It is a blend of rose petals, valerian root and "citrusy" herbs.  It's very good and helps me sleep.  In the spirit of Tuesday Tea...

Here are a couple more orphan tea cups all ready to go to new homes...  Aren't they gorgeous?

Be sure to see what the other Tuesday Tea ladies are up to by visiting Kimmie's blog and looking for us on her sidebar.


  1. Such lovely cups! Love the iridescence of the second one!

  2. Glad I came back. These little orphans are adorable. Now I look at tea cups in a far different way. Your tea sounds wonderful. I love anything with roses in it. I sure hope you are staying warm and that the tea warms you. I realize it's not cold for ME, but I know it must be cold for you in Florida.

  3. Hello darling!

    I love your tea cups...and that little silver tea heart is adorable!

    hope you are keeping busy and well!

    thinking of you!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  4. ooh Diane, I love these cups.....take care....

  5. I'm sorry I missed tea with you on Tuesday!!! and yesterday I was awol with my 11 yr old daughter's birthday .... it's been crazy, but I'm catching up now!

    The teacups are so beautiful and luminous! I take valerian root to help me sleep sometimes too ... I will have to look for the Tazo version of it!!

    Happy Thursday!