Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy day...

I canceled out on the wine fest today because it's raining and will be all day...  So I guess all that Christmas stuff I made will be packed up for next year... or given away to friends and family.

Do you think these cinnamon tea sticks will keep for a year if I seal them up really tight? 


  1. Those are sooo cute! I don't know much about cinnamon but I would certainly give it a shot. Happy holidays to you Dianne! Hugs, Diane

  2. I think they will be fine in a ziplock! You make so many lovely things! Sorry you didn't get to go! It sure is a gray day here, too! ♥

  3. Dianne, I too was born and raised in Plant City, and spent all my time and summers on Indian Rocks Beach. So sorry your event got rained out--but I think there a 7 days left till Christmas.

    Try two sticks each day--till you get sick of em! But they are soo pretty.

    Don't spices keep for a lon lon tine?? LOL

    Blessings and Merry Christmas.

    Now in SC,



  4. It is raining in our neck of the woods also, but makes for nice tea drinking weather.

  5. Better to give them away now, than store them and find they're NBG by next year!

  6. i think you could wrap them and then next year, paint a tiny bit of cinnamon oil on them...

  7. We too are having a deluge of rain. Sorry your sale was canceled. I think your cinnamon sticks are lovely and would make lovely ornaments on the tree with the addition of a gilded string or bakers twine. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...

  8. I think they'd keep -they are lovely

  9. Go find someone on the street and hand them a fistful of cinnamon sticks--a random act of kindness!

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  11. I think you should gift them away to cinnamon lovers! wouldn't that be better than storing'd make so many people smile just from the thought! heeehhe...

    but yes....I do think they would keep...!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  12. shame about the rain...but I do think your lovely cinnamon sticks will keep T post today mentions keeping just such a thing in a zip lock may help to rub the sticks a bit when you take them out next year...maybe even use an emory board to lightly touch them up to reactivate the fragrance a bit :)

  13. I came to see your tea post and got distracted by this one. I totally agree with Patty. I've had some for at least five years and they will be fine after they are once again activated like Patty suggests. Hope your headache is better.

  14. A little suggestion about your cinnamon sticks. A dark glass jar is preferable to ziplocs. No leaching. I haven't tried it with cinnamon but I refresh dried herbs i.e. lavender by holding over a steaming kettle.