Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday Tea on Wednesday...

I was going to post this yesterday, but went to visit family, who has cats... I am allergic to cats and when I got back I took more antihistamines and went to sleep.  I did have a wonderful time with cousins, my Auntie M and her new fiance (who is just delightful and will make her very happy) and my beloved Uncle Jay.  While there, my cousin Lynn shared her newest favorite tea with me.

It was wonderful and I had several cups! I will be getting some!  Anyway, last week, I bought the latest edition of Sew Somerset (my first)...

It has this lovely little stitched tea cup art quilt on the cover, so of course I had to get it.  But I also wanted to get it in preparation for this...

My Christmas present, which should arrive sometime this week!  I'm so excited!  More on it when it comes...

Hope you all had a wonderful Tea Tuesday and I'll try to be on time next week.  For more post from our little group, visit Kimmie's side bar to find us and see what we have to say.


  1. Tea anytime is super Dianne!
    My Mr Magpie is very allegic to fact many years ago we went to The National Theatre in Wash DC to see the play one of the quietest moments he let out THE biggest sneeze...all we could figure was lots of cat lovers were there and with the dander on their clothing??? He gets stuffed up in a heartbeat too
    SEW exciting about you new machine...can't wait to see what fun you have with it

  2. A new sewing machine is always exciting! I bet you already have some new projects in mind with it.
    I'm allergic to cats too, but it seems to be getting better.
    Love the tea cup art quilt on the mag, will have to look for it.
    Nice having tea with you today.

  3. Hi Dianne!
    I love Sew Somerset. It's one of my favorites!
    Hope you have a very Happy New Year! xoxo Diane

  4. The tea looks good...I know I would love it! And your new sewing machine will be great! Enjoy your week! It's supposed to warm up...we hope! lol ♥

  5. How delightful that you got a new sewing machine for Christmas. And it looks absolutely gorgeous with all those stitch choices. Sew Somerset is truly inspiring for making arty pieces with your machine. It has some great articles.

    Sorry I got here so late to visit you for Tea Tuesday. I hope by now you have overcome the allergic reaction you had. Even though I have a cat, I am mindful that others may experience an allergic reaction to them.

    Your tea looks lovely. I'm a big fan of black tea and this looks and sounds delicious.

  6. Hi Diane,
    looks like Santa has been good to you.
    I too love Sew Somerset!Can't wait to see what
    you'll do with it.Have a wonderful 2011.