Monday, August 27, 2012

Workspace Additions and New Art Supplies...

Well, I just had to do something with the only boring space at my desk...
didn't I???
I brought a small magnetic whiteboard from home...
It already had a bright green frame....

Friday's haiku is written on it... and yes those are button magnets!

I used double sided tape to stick the magnets to the buttons.
I think they turned out quite well!
Also got a colorful lidded water tumbler to fill up at the water fountain...
There's a  charge to fund the water cooler and coffee.
 I don't drink coffee and I use tap water for my tea!

 And what is this that Bruce! Of the Thicket! is minding?

A new plant... a little craussula (sp?) with pink edged leaves that I brought from home. I doubt the leaves will stay pink without the sun.
But it's pretty (and living) just the same!

I'm off today, because the Health Dept was closed due to Tropical Storm Isaac. 
The weather didn't get nearly as bad as we thought it would...
In fact right now is the hardest rain we've gotten and the wind gusts aren't much.
You can see the clouds, but the Italian Cypresses across the street are not bent over. And there have been birds flying around.
Most of you know that I paint with oils and chalk pastels and that I've not had good success with acrylics. That might be because I was using craft acrylic paints.
Well I got a 40% off Michaels coupon and bought some cheap artist acrylic paints to experiment with! They were just over $6 with the coupon!
There are 2 tiny tubes of each color in the bucket...
but I have acrylic matte gel medium to stretch it if I need it.

So I put my sewing projects away and got my brushes, palette knives and hard boards out and am going to start playing! I've always been so caught up in the details, that I've always painted realism.
I want to paint more freely... with more expressionism and flair...
Maybe some whimsy... I'm going to try! 
I've also started re-reading one of my favorite books.
It inspired a poem the first time I read it. I'll post it soon...
 I have to find the file or re-type it in a post.
This time, I'm hoping it will inspire some paintigs!


  1. Your workspace additions are very cheery! I especially like the little plant. Happy painting!

  2. It's a little bit like feathering a nest isn't it? Good for you with riding your bike to work ... I'm assuming that because of the bike basket under your desk. I'm planning to go out for a bike ride this morning ... It's a beautiful day!!

  3. Love that your haiku is at work on that great board !
    Enjoy the paint play ! Paint like no one is watching. ;-)
    Light and love to you !

  4. I am so excited you are breaking out of oil and into acrylic. The beauty of acrylics is that they dry super fast. YOu can layer and layer without getting a muddy mess! Good luck! And I do love your workspace. At least it's a soft white and not crazy khaki!

  5. Love your workplace! I am trying to catch up with everyone; can see I've missed a lot of what you've been up to.

  6. I am addicted to art supplies. Love to get new ones. I really like the book you are reading. Seems like a great read.

  7. what a super cool container for your brushes! I've sworn off buying anything new until I use some of the stuff I'm hoarding. I'm actually plugging away at the stock pile. My DD is also helping...I'm going to be running out of several colors of paint real soon. bummer