Friday, August 17, 2012

Where I Spend My Days...

For the past 20 some odd years (with the exception of about 6 months in the corner of a library) I've had fairly spacious workspaces. Whether they were offices (with windows, no less!), flairly large cubicles (the last 10 years with a wndow!) or a desk among others in a large open room... I've made them my own... made them all reflect who I am...

So I started a new job a couple weeks ago and my workspace consists of a beige "Cubicle." Cubicle? No... this is a desk with particians! Don't get me worng I'm not complaining... I like it very much... It MAKES me stay organized... no room for clutter!

This is my entire workspace... including a pinkish chair... It ain't all beige no more! The white basket under the desk is my bike basket, with my striped totebag in it, and the cardboard box under the drawers is for paper recycling...  Making use of every available space! You might notice I'm not using my keyboard tray. I have to keep my chair so high (and my monitor so low) otherwise I have to keep my held tilted back, to be able to look through my bifocals, which makes my neck hurt. I'm going to have it taken out.

This was before I got...

my new mousepad! It makes me smile!

Here is my desk top... on my desktop!

The little black mesh drawer set holds colorful supplies...

and provides a perch for Bruce! Of the Thicket! who holds my grateful heart... and a cute little planter (my Hobbit Jade Tree cutting isn't doing very well. I was hoping I could root it).

Between my phone and computer monitor is my IMAGINE mug, on the mug quilt I made when I first got my sewing machine... and a little crock holding my beaded teaball. The tea tins (Rose Garden Black and Jasmine Green) are in the top drawer with tissues, lotion, eating utensils, etc.

One the "back wall" as spacious as it is... I have a mesh file, my Food Safety Manager Certification card (the only credential I have that is remotely associated with the program I'm wokring in). Above the card is a photo (mounted on scrapbook paper and framed) of my grandkids, Austin and Ansley, taken by my talented daughter. She has a photography business... Brookshire Studios Photography-Design.

Next is a post card (mounted on scrapbook paper) of a watercolor by Colette Copeland of A Bird in the Hand. It's called "Hot Climate." She sent it to me among a few others for being so faithful to her blog.

Last is a prized print (also mounted on scrapbook paper) of a mixed media painting by Juliette Crane. It's titled Grace...

I really love my little workspace... It's very me and such a happy little place! It, my bike ride to and from work and the people I work with make going to work a joy!


  1. Wow, Dianne, that mousepad is the pizazz! LOVE it. Your workspace looks very nice, indeed. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  2. I love how you have made every inch of this space reflect you and filled it with little happies !
    Awesome !
    Happy weekend, Dianne !

  3. i am so honored to have my GRACE owl there at your desk...may it keep you inspired and bring joy each and every time you see it :) wishing you a lovely weekend!


  4. What fun to see your colorful and inviting workspace. You've really made the most of it D with all of your special touches and lovely artwork. Your grand kids are darling but you already know that :)

    Happy Sunday

  5. You've created a lovely little space.
    Well done!

  6. First of all, I love it! I love too that you can ride your bike to sounds wonderful. I have to tell you that I'm impressed that you wear bifocals AND you ride your bike to work..not at the same time of course!

  7. personalized and lovely, it really makes a difference doesn't it to have special things even if it is a small space...

  8. Oh Dianne! I think your space is cozy and cheery....and I love that you ride your bike too and from very green of you! That's terrific. I can see why you suggested making some things in really does perk and make one smile, doesn't it.....I'll have to consider it.

    thanks so much for sharing. I love the photo of your grand babies! Just too cute.

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  9. I love seeing your space Dianne! Your grandchildren are precious. Thanks for sharing some life with us. :)

  10. Hoping you are out of harms way from Isaac dear Dianne!