Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tea...

First, I want to welcome all my Tuesday Tea friends to check out The Bohemian Tea House. It's my new blog to chronicle my path to my loose tea business. I hope all of you will join and and follow my progresss. I hope all of you are having a stressless holiday season! A lot to ask... I know... but very important!

Now, you all know that one of the things I love is to put together mismatched tea sets and sell them, bead teaballs and foster and adopt out orphan tea cups. Since I'm focusing on opening a loose tea business I thought it would be wonderful if I could do more crafts that relate to tea.

So... what to do with no longer used and cracked teapots???  Make bird houses out of them!

It wasn't my idea, but what a great idea it is! 

I'm going to put some poinsettias around the opening in this one. I'll post another photo when I do.

Here's another... I used wire wrapped with grapevine fibers for this one!

They even have draingage so if rain gets in, it will drain down through the spout! 

Now I'm going to enjoy some of my newly blended Caramel Creme Rooibos and before bed I'm going to brew a cup of my as yet untitled bedtime tea... Don't forget to visit Kimmie to see what my Tuesday Tea friends are drinking!


  1. Best best wishes!!!! How cool is that? Now you just need a little gypsy caravan wagon :)

    I lve the birdhouse - ingenious!!!

  2. That works great as I had one years ago I made from one of my old favorite tea pots. Then it cracked more and broke so I had jewelry made out of the pieces.

  3. These are so cute! I'm off to see your new blog! I like the new look here, too! ♥

  4. I didn't get the link for the tea house to work...but I'll try again later! Hugs! ♥

  5. How lovely...I love tea pots. They have such personality.

  6. You really give tea pots a beautiful life!