Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth!

Hi. I want to thank you all for your suuport through out the years. I'm going to suspend this blog for for a few reasons. Some of you know know about the personal turmoil going on in my life and I need to work some things out with regard to this. I also have started my new tea business and really need to focus on it with regard to my time both on and off the computer. Last, I've been inundated with spam comments, which take up even more time during comment moderation. I love you all and would love to see you from time to time on my tea blog. God Bless and Peace to you all!



  1. Hello!

    Well, Im switching with you then! Right on over to the tea blog! :D I adore tea and sincerely, I envy your buisness! For me, any other drinkable liquid might as well not exist! :) I hope all goes well with your new franchise and that all your hopes come true! :) Thank you for sharing with us and see you on the new blog!
    Sad to hear you have had problems... I hope with the oncoming new year they disappear quickly and that all is well soon enough!


  2. May you know God's grace and love for whatever road you are traveling...

  3. Peace, love and light to you, Dianne and good luck with all the new things !
    Cheers !