Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tea...

Wow I can actually join Tuesday Tea early enough in the day to have caffeinated tea! I'm enjoying it with the Bird of Paradise flowers I cut from the vacant yard next door...

I'm having my normal morning tea... black! Yes I know it's past morning, but I drink tea all day. This is my green Aladdin pot with gold trim. I got it from an antique store in my parents' home town. I'm drinking from one of my orphans... The flowers are only on the inside to I see them when I take a drink. The glass and silver dish is something I found at a thrift store and it's perfect to hold my Stevia packets.

I completed Jenn's pen
for her guest book.

It's covered in gold tissue paper and I attached some silk hydrangea flowers to the top and adorned it with a gold glittery bow.

Here's a black 8x10 photo frame I converted into a memo frame...

I spotted the raised detail of the frame with robin's egg blue acrylic paint to coordinate with the clothes pins. The paper covered clothes pins are perfect for hanging notes, photos or even fabric swatches in an office or studio. The paper strips are glued on and coated with Modge Podge.

I hope you're enjoying your Tuesday... Please visit Kimmie to see what the other ladies are up to!


  1. Enjoy your tea, I got a surprise day off work so am enjoying a quiet day at home. I really like your memo board.

  2. I love your tea setting for the day and those birds of paradise, WOW! they remind me of Hawaii. We use to have them in our backyard. Wonderful flower pen, it's almost like a fairy magic want ;-)
    Happy T on T

  3. Lovely tea set up. The flowers are beautiful and they grow here too, but it is so dry I haven't seen many. Have a happy tea day.

  4. How awesome is that pen!! And perfect colors, too. I'm enjoying your tea with the bird of paradise and your tea pot.

    That frame is quite nice. I really like how you fixed it to meet your needs. Happy Tea Tuesday, even though I'm late in the day.

  5. Beautiful and exotic looking tea setting ....
    And your projects are cool too!
    I love the message frame!

  6. lovely having tea with you anytime D!