Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Tea...

I missed last week's tea... but I did get all my pretties into my hutch. Charmaine and I had a great time unpacking and placing... It was like Christmas!  So... as I sit here with my iced blackberry sage tea, I'll show you how it turned out.

Here it is from the other side of the table... Sorry I can't show you the entire hutch... it sits on tapered legs and has 3 drawers under neath.

My grandmother sits proudly on top with a few vintage pieces...

The top shelf holds my McCoy midcentury modern sets an art glass egg and lady's head vases...

my grandmother's silver glazed English pot, souvenir glasses and her cobalt crystal vases... Sorry about the glare... the middle doesn't open and the glass is curved so the glare is unavoidable...

Here are the other McCoy set and lady's head vase... Also throughout the hutch is my mother's Capodimonte porcelain flower collection.

The middle shelf holds various Asian teapots, including my Yixing pots from China and my grandmother's mayonnaise dish. Behind these are my antique dresser trays.  This one my great great aunt painted. Her initials are on the back with the year... S.E.B '93... That would be 1893!

This pot I got on Ebay and then later saw the same pot at a thrift store... before I moved here, Charmaine's friend had bought it for her... so we each have one! More Capodimonte roses... these are candle sticks. This dresser tray was on my grandfather's dresser...

More pots on the middle shelf... my little duck Yixing pot is here, as well as one of my childhood teapots. The painting was done by my late, sweet mother-in-law. It was in my husband's grandparents' house and she gave it to me when they went into the nursing home.

The lower shelf holds some very special stuff.... Here is a very, very delicate bone China tea set. Even the cups have little feet and the fluting on the tops is so pretty... There are no markings on this set, it is obviously hand painted and gold trimmed. It was passed down to my grandmother, who passed it down to me. Her crystal wine glasses are here too.

Here are all the violets! The cigarette case and ash trays, candy dish and coasters were handed down from my grandmother as well... The little round lustre vase is my hubby's and I found the taller one at a thrift store and bought it for him to match the other.

This tea set and fruit compote with saucer was purchased over a number of years from Woolworths by my grandmother. Service for 8 was bought a couple pieces at a time... including dinner, salad, bread and dessert plates, bowls, cups and saucers, fruit compotes and saucers, the tea set, gravy boat, serving bowls and platters... Have I forgotten any??? The labels on the back of these dishes range from "Nippon" to "Made in Occupied Japan" to "Made in Japan." When Charmaine and I had tea and unpacked everything, I used the cup and saucer from this set. Of course... this shelf is rounded out with more Capodimonte flowers... My mother loved them!

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my China hutch! Happy Tea Everyone! Please visit Kimmie to see what everyone else is up to this Tuesday!


  1. thank you for a lovely tour of so many beautiful treasures Dianne

    Happy T Tuesday to ya!

  2. So beautiful! What special memories each piece holds for you. The tea you are having sounds interesting too, I have never heard of it before. Hope your day was wonderful!
    Happy Tea Day!

  3. You have so many beautiful things! And I love the photo of your Grandmother on top! What a perfect touch! I need to take everything out of my china cabinet and then put it back in a better order! It looks kind of jumbled right now! ♥ Thanks for the tea! I'm having a giveaway if you have a chance to stop by! ♥

  4. Hi Dianne! You have an amazing collection! I especially love your McCoy sets - they really are extraordinary! How neat that it has all been in your family!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What an amazing hutch and goodies. Thank you for taking time to show it all to us. I love all your roses, especially the candlesticks. But those Yixing pots are so special. Hope your Tea Tuesday was special. I sure enjoyed the tour of your special hutch.

  6. Wow love it. I remembered coming across your blog when it was empty and now it is full and looks great and I RECONIZED IT RIGHT AWAY!! Great job makes me want to go personalize my china hutch

  7. thanks for sharing. what a beautiful cabinet and some great treasures.

  8. I loved the "tour" of your full cabinet. It is great how you have so many things of your grandparents, it is nice to keep the memories alive.

  9. I was just looking at these and I want to say they look amazing! You have such a collection!

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