Sunday, August 28, 2011


Has anyone out there monetized their blog? Is it worth it?


  1. I have NOT monetized my blog and don't intend to. My blog was not designed to generate ads. I hate those ads that appear within the body of your text. For some reason, they put me off. It makes me not want to return to the blog that has them on it. I have known bloggers who allowed ads for awhile, then took them off their blogs. They even asked people to click on the ads so they would get money. When that didn't work, they gave up. I think it's confusing when I see an ad inside the blog text. I think it all depends on how and in what direction you want your blog to go. Ultimately, it is YOUR decision, of course.

  2. i tried for awhile but got nothing from it. i'm sure some do. it takes alot of traffic to your site and ads that relate.