Monday, February 7, 2011

Withdrawing from OWOH...

Due to reasons I don't wish to go into, I am withdrawing from the One World One Heart event.  I apologize to those that have visited and left comments, but I'm deleting my OWOH post, so that there will be no misunderstandings.  I welcome you all to my blog anytime and I hope to see you again. For those that are my followers, I will include the two paintings in my own 100 followers celebration later this week. Thanks so much for being here.


  1. OWOH seems like it would be alot of work. Hope you can drop by for tea today!!!!

  2. hope everything is OK Dianne
    take care my friend!

  3. Hi Dianne, so sorry you had to withdraw! Thought I'd stop by and say hi *waves*. I hope you stop by for a chance to win anyway, nice to meet you:)

  4. I am really sorry you felt you had to take this step and hope you received my email response last night. Truly sorry.
    host/creator OWOH

  5. I didn't know what to think. I recognized your name so I hopped over to visit! I hope everything is OK! Thanks for writing me today to tell me about the festival! I doubt if we will be able to come....but I'll let you know if we can! I WISH! Hugs to you, my friend! ♥

  6. So sorry that you've had to leave. I will stop by and see you again. Take care of yourself.