Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tea...

I'm enjoying some British Blend decaf tonight... You know how I love my black tea...

This is my latest mismatched tea set... 4 of 5 blue and white flowered cups I found at the Habitat thrift store and the teapot I found at the PAWS thrift store.  I think they go quite well together, although there is another white teapot at the PAWS store that might go better, in that it is round and has a rounded handle... We'll just have to see...

I've been drinking tea for as long as I can remember. It was something special that my mom and I shared... Like a tannin colored stream connecting us.  It still connects me to her. I had tea sets and tea parties as a child. It was the only girlie thing I did. I still have some of those pieces... some broken and others orphaned... like some children that lose their connections.

I also have teapots and sets that have been handed down through generations in my family... others given as gifts between mother and daughter as I grew up...and still others that I've received and collected myself. They are time machines, connecting me to the past, to my family, to my history...

And to you Dear Tuesday Tea Friends... and in doing so, tea connects all of us to all corners of the world and to times gone by and times not yet experienced... Time machines indeed...
fine china, silver,
stoneware, porcelain, copper...
time machines with spouts
DDD 2010

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  1. I think that is so nice that you had that tradition between you and your mother, you both must have been very close. I love the photos of all your teapots.

  2. time machines with spouts...
    I Love it Dianne
    this is such a beautiful post on so many levels
    beautifully spoken and illustrated ... thank you for sharing some memories of your precious mother too!
    Happy T to you

  3. What lovely, lovely tea pots. I think you did great getting these pieces at the thrift store. I have never seen a tea pot at the thrift store I visit. It's also good to read about the special connection between you and your mom. To think that a few tea leaves and cups could bring such wonderful memories.

  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful post this is ... I love your descriptions of what connects families ....beautiful.

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  5. ooo i love your haiku and the idea of tea pots as time machines...fabulous! your tea sounds delish too!! i love poking around thrift stores, your treasures are lovely, d!

  6. Wonderful traditions in your family. Love your teapots!

  7. I personally like the angular lines of the white teapot juxtaposed with the soft roundness of the little floral teacups. Love your simile:

    "It was something special that my mom and I shared... Like a tannin colored stream connecting us."

    : )

  8. Wow..these are all so lovely and beautiful..such charm...and so special!! Enjoy your treasures!!

  9. Can you make us a Halloween Potion that we can have for tea instead!!! I love coming by & having tea with you friend, your teapot collection is wonderful!!!
    Happy Halloween, ;)

  10. Green potery...can you imagine how much these beauties have seen...how much have they enjoyed in company of others...yes...I believe that objects are part of us...energy wise, clay is part of everything else.