Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Across the Road...

The third installment of "Why I Love my Bicycle Commute!" Across the road from the abandoned house from the last post is a huge wooden privacy fence.  And this...
it tumbles over it and cascades down...
like a colorful waterfall.
It is Trumpet Creeper, another Florida native and a great hummingbird attractor!
There weren't any hummers here this day..
but it's beautiful just the same!
and so was this Hempweed (not the kind some people smoke) vine entangled in it.
Waiting for a hummingbird...


  1. so beautiful! I imagine it has a sweet smell - just dripping with nectar for those little hummers :)

  2. so inviting!! wonder if we could grow that here in MN...maybe as an annual...lovely photos, D, thanks for sharing the florida sunshine & flora!

  3. Dear Dianne - gorgeous pictures - just want you to know I am sending my hummingbirds your way - I feel better now and won't miss them so bad knowing you are going to enjoy them too (smiling) - God bless and have a great day.

  4. oh Diane, this is gorgeous and it makes for my "Why I love YOUR bicycle commute ;-)"

  5. OMGoodness Friend...
    I LOVE these flowers!!!
    They are just like a wonderous, waterfall of color filled with sooooo much JOY! So glad you can ride by them & they make you smile.
    Big Hugs...