Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tea!

It's been so long I almost forgot about Tuesday Tea! I visited Collete and was reminded! So I'm hopping to visit the rest of the ladies after I post!

I'm enjoying a small pot of decaf black and Publix Lullaby, in my favorite hand painted Nippon cup, on my back porch and eating fresh Loquats from a neighbor's front yard!  So sweeet!

I have a question for all you tea drinkers and herb growers and users out there... I have planted some herbs in my new yard... I used to grow many more than I have now.. I grew scented geraniums, basils, mints and lemon balms... all that taste wonderful steeped in tea..

I just planted this lovely French Lavender... I know it is used in sachets and cosmetics and such... but can it be eaten? I've not read anywhere that says it has use in cooking. I've seen teas with "lavender," but I don't know if the ingredient is what I have or something else called lavender. I'd love to be able to steep some in my tea... but I don't want to poison myself either...

Anyway... It's so good to be back among my blogging and tea drinking friends! Be sure to visit them all at Kimmie's!  If I don't get around to all of you tonight, I'll be back Thursday night! Happy Tea Tuesday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Home... New Beginnings...

I've missed you all... It's amazing how you can miss people that you've never even met! Thank you all my friends for your greetings and concern and curiosity...

We've moved into our new home and have been trying to organize all of our stuff.... I have my own studio and my husband has his desk area off the kitchen... We have a wonderful screen porch and a lovely front entryway.  One drawback... our yard is pea gravel.  It was all the rage in the 70s when the house was built, but I've been working in the planting beds along the front of the house and the entryway.  I've planted roses and petunias, Mexican sage, French lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, savory, thyme, geranium and citronella.  I also a few varieties of basil yet to plant. My neighbor has cheerfully provided some garden ornaments for my use (they were in her trash)... a 3 foot tall Roman column and one to match, only it was broken in half... so I planted some little petunia like flowers inside it. She also threw out a short stout column that I plan to put a urn on. I also have a beautiful red mandavilla vine to plant on the tall column.  Pictures to come!