Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Tea...

Saturday, my friend Lois made Russian Spiced Tea...

She had made a large batch of the dry mix and packaged it to sell...

She has the loveliest handwriting...

It's delicious, warm and very calming...
It tastes a bit like mulled cider, but there's nothing apple in it...

and it tastes even better in my little orphaned Nippon tea cup...

For more Tuesday Tea, visit Kimmie's sidebar...
Happy tea everyone...


  1. It looks wonderful and I'm sure it smells and tastes even better! Enjoy the holiday season! ♥

  2. ummm I can almost smell it
    pretty handwriting is something I hope to have in the next life ;)

    Hope you had a nice T Tuesday...in that pretty cup

  3. What a beautiful little tea cup :) the spiced tea sounds wonderful.

  4. How can I order some of that tea - looks wonderful!!!

  5. oh yummy, i'd forgotten all about russian tea. i used to make it alot, makes a great gift. love the way she presented it to you. enjoy.

  6. I love the wild leopard print paper ..... it promises the contents to be exotic and full of spice :)

  7. I have NO idea how I missed this post. I've never heard of Russian Tea. It sounds yummy because I'm crazy about spices we use in autumn. And that Leopard print is pretty special looking. You know I'd be finding ways to recycle it.

  8. Ohh my goodness, what a great idea for the holidays, I think they make a perfect gift. (I remember making this long time ago using TANG)