Monday, May 31, 2010

T Tuesday... Early Post...

It's actually Monday night... but Bruce and Fred (the hubby and the dog) and Jenn and Scooter (the roommate and her dog) are all asleep, and I'm sitting here with my big cup of Zhena's Gypsy Luminous Lemon tea (Rooibos, with Lemon Myrtle and Spirit Osmanthus Flowers) relaxing. So I thought I'd go ahead and type up my Tuesday T post.

I went to see my dad today and, as usual, I snooped. I snooped in the utility room, where I found a box of cute little spice bottles my mom had put out there many, many years ago. Or maybe I put them there... I kind of remember getting a spice rack at a yard sale or flea market and painting it blue.  I also found (in a kitchen cabinet) the three missing Franciscan Ivy dinner plates. I only had one and had purchased 4 green, scalloped edged plates (thrift store finds) to go with the Ivy bread and butter plates (of which I probably have 12, but no bowls). In an old buffet out on the carport (it's been there more than 30 years) there is still some of my grandmother's silver, crystal and milk glass. I even took a look at my grandmother's 1960s Kenmore cabinet sewing machine. It hasn't been used in 40 years. I remember my mom telling me the tension was messed up on it.

Anyway... I suppose I should go to bed.  It's back to work tomorrow.  Good night blog friends...
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  1. I hope you were able to sleep after drinking that tea. It looks really interesting and, of course, the tin it's in makes my altering heART skip a beat. I've never had red tea before, so this looks interesting. And I'm dying to see that Kenmore sewing machine and all the goodies it contains.

    Have a wonderful Tea Tuesday.

  2. Did you take these treasures with you or leave them for another day?

  3. Hi Diane! thanks for stopping in for a spot of I'm here for some of yours! i like that mug...

    and it's so much fun to snoop around, ya never know what treasures you'll find! huh!

    ciao bella
    creative caremlina

  4. My grandmother had an enormous set of Franciscan Ivy dinnerware. I don't know what happened to it, but I always loved it! She had every piece imaginable (or so it seemed to me when I was a kid). Maybe someday I will find some pieces in a thrift store or yard sale. I always have an eye out for it, but have never seen any yet...

  5. That tea sounds divine ... you had me at "gypsy" ;)
    Fun snooping thru treasures of the past!

  6. Your tea sounds awesome! I think it's fun snooping through family treasures!