Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Inspired...

I've been making fabric flowers lately... Remember this one?

I made it into a brooch by adding felt and a pin back to the back of it...

and I made this one and turned it into a brooch...

Then I made this lace cuff...

The button is vintage (1.5 inches in diameter) and had been turned into an earring sometime during it's life (I have both). It's "metallic" in luster, but it's plastic, and has a wonderful patina. There are 2 layers of lace, the top one is vintage. I added a strip of felt on the back for comfort and a button closure.  I made it for me, so it's rather small. I may make more, but I'll probably have some pretty fabric under the lace....

 Maybe I should buy and learn to use a sewing machine...  just a thought...


  1. Hi Dianne,
    love your fabric flowers and the lace cuff.
    Do get a sewing maschine it's easy and fun.
    Have a great day.

  2. gorgeous creations! isn't it fun to play!>>

    and about the sewing machine thing!!! I couldn't live without mine!!!!!! what are you waiting for,????/
    get one straight away!
    I highly recommend it woman!!!!

    ciao bella

  3. Well Dianne, you've been busy, things are really blooming in your neck of the wood!
    So lovely!

  4. I think your fabric pieces are lovely Dianne. I think a good sewing machine, with a few basic stitches, is a great investment. I have gone from stitching on cards, to making small quilts, mixed media projects, to recycling/refashioning clothes since I got mine and quite frankly, I wouldn't be without it!
    I am currently eyeing up embellishers!