Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Beginning...

I'm still reeling from Bruce's passing, even though it was expected... but trying to move on. Packing up the house, trying to sell things, giving things to the hospice that helped me with Bruce and paring down from a 1200 square foot house to a 200 square foot travel trailer... I arranged to trade Bruce's motorcycle for a 1966 26 foot Airstream Overlander. Right now, it's parked in my dad's driveway (since I don't have a job and lot rent there is free). It needs a good bit of work and I'll be posting on it as I work on it. This will be a whole new beginning for me... something I've always wanted to do. My dreams may not be grand... but they are mine and I will live them...


  1. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Beginning anew is never easy. Sounds like you are very brave and courageous and are moving forward with grace. I look forward to seeing your new cozy Airstream home as you personalize it just for you. Healing Hugs...

  2. You are taking your self on an adventure, Dianne ! That is a huge change. I hope that the trailer becomes a cozy home for you to explore your dreams with.
    Sending lots of love and white light around you, Lovely One !

  3. I will love to follow your progress. My thoughts are with you. We have a newer Airstream, and I'm in love. I think the work you do on it will be good therapy and Bruce would be happy to know that you are finding some peace. Lorrie

  4. I am so sorry for your loss....I have MIA on here and missed his passing. What an adventure you are about to explore, I wish you all the 1200 sq ft down to 200...that sounds wonderful....cozy and so much less to clean and dust!

  5. Dianne..I'm thinking of you...and wishing you the best.
    Starting over is a remarkable challenge....but you are strong and will make it through any rough patches and bumps along the way. Take everything one day at a time.


  6. Dear Dianne ~
    Sending you healing wishes for this next chapter of your life.
    I am so sorry for your loss.

    May the long time sun shine upon you
    All Love surround you
    and the pure Light within you
    Guide your way on

    BIG hugs from Virginia

  7. I am still on the journey of my new beginning. Sending you positive thoughts and courage!