Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yes it's been a while...

I know I haven't been around in a while... We made our move and have settled in to the new place. Things are a bit stressful at work. Every time we get a new administration in Tallahassee, state agencies are shaken up. With our latest governor, it's been even worse. We are all fearing for our jobs (not to mention taking a 3% pay cut, when you haven't even gotten a cost of living increase in 4 years)... How he thinks that putting government staff out of work will help reduce unemployment is beyond me. So... Being the sole bread winner in my house... I'm taking it day-by-day.

Our next door neighbor is a wonderful elderly lady that has lived an extraordinary life. Charmaine has traveled all over the world and has lived and worked in Washington D.C. She volunteers at local colleges and has so much to offer. I really enjoy hanging out with her. She also enjoys tea, has a small collection of teapots and a larger collection of English cups and saucers. Last weekend we went to lunch at a local tea room. It was lovely. 

I've been painting some, but my muse has been difficult to rouse lately. I did my first beach/seascape in oils recently...  Tell me what you think...

I'll try to be more present in my blogging... I know I said that a couple months ago, but I've had to make some sacrifices lately... and to be honest, I just haven't been in the mood to share.  Hopefully this too shall pass...


  1. Sounds like your neighbor can be a great inspiration to you during this time of transition. Your painting is lovely. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  2. I would say these things are quite enough to muffle anybody's muse! But I'm so glad you're painting, and this one is lovely. And I've missed your presence here... glad to know you are settled in your new home and you have a lovely neighbor. Hoping all will be well on the job front - especially considering our present "leadership" in Florida... hang in there!

  3. nice to see you back
    life sure can throw a lot of curve balls sometimes and it never seems to be just one at a time ... hope things go well for you Dianne

    take care!

  4. This is beautiful, Dianne. I am so glad you're getting back in the swing. Hope to see more from you in the near future! HUGS, Diane

  5. Hi Dianne...It was good to see your post. Your painting is awesome. The black clouds might be indicative of your worries right now but look at the horizon....SUN is coming up there. See? The bad times really DO favorite coined phrase that has come true hundreds of times is "THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS." It always does, Dianne.

    For me, when I've hit life's deep valleys, I always call upon the Lord. HE IS IN CONTROL. He never, ever abandons us and when we call to Him, he always answers.

    Your neighbor shounds great. She's probably a big gift in your life right now. Take care, Dianne. Sincerely, Susan P.S. Hope you get this. Having trouble with Blogger in leaving comments.

  6. I really like this painting, particularly the light on the horizon. Very nice.

  7. I hope things pass for you in a good way, there is too much trouble in this world. Yes you may scan my photos, I hope you find some enjoyment with your paints.

  8. You can only take it a day at a time ... But I am glad for you that you have a new friend - it's always a relief to have someone to bounce things off of and give some perspective - especially someone with some experience under her belt :)

    Your painting is lovely, and that too will be a day at a time adventure :)

  9. This painting is beautiful! I had no idea you could paint, too! You are so talented at so many things! It's nice to see your blog pop up in my favs! I've missed you! ♥