Monday, November 16, 2009

Here are a few of my collages and clocks

Vintage Ephemera Cape Florida Collage

Cherish Beauty Mixed Media Collage

Fern Frond Mixed Media Clock

Vintage Glam Recycled CD Clock

Asian Themed Recycled CD Clock

Imagine Recycled CD Clock

Biker Babe Recycled CD Clock


  1. Very Nice Di, Looks like I am your first follower. He He He..... Love Ya

  2. Wow Di, awesome pieces. You are so creative!!! Now I need ajob so I have some money LOL I'll be checking often for new pieces. Good luck darlin

    Love ya

  3. these clocks are so awesome. can you make one to order? i would love to buy one for my husband. i am very UNcreative, but what i would like is something to remind us of what we went through and survived with hurricane katrina. we lost all of our possessions from our past (photos, my wedding dress....) but we survived and made some really good friends when we were all stuck there for 10 days. i dunno, it seems neat in my mind, but..........anyways NICE WORK

  4. Thanks so much! Yes I can make them to order. Email me at or and we can discuss.

  5. i love this stuff i never knew you did all this awesome i am going to have to order some... miss u lots muah